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Atkinson County Forestry Scholarship Pageant (TM)

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2006 Baby Miss Winner
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2006 Miss Winner
2006 Teen Miss Winner
2006 Junior Miss Winner
2006 Little Miss Winner
2006 Tiny Miss Winner
2006 Teeny Miss Winner
2006 Hospitality Queen
About the Directors

Jennifer Suggs

Jennifer was born in Ocilla, Ga on December 9, 1978.  She graduated from Valdosta Technical College with a diploma in Business Office Technology.  She is married to Shaun Suggs from Lakeland, Ga.  They have been married 8 years and currently reside in Ray City, Ga.  They have 2 children; Brandon, age 7 and Caitlyn, age 5.  Jennifer and her husband, Shaun, are members of a gospel group called The Suggs Family.  Shaun and Jennifer, as well as Shaun's father and their son, Brandon, make up the group.  Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom and homemaker.  She decorates pageant dresses for fun in her spare time.  Her husband, Shaun, along with his father, own a construction and remodeling business.  Jennifer's daughter, Caitlyn, has been competing in pageants since she was 3 years old.  She has won and placed in several local and state pageants.  Jennifer is a proud pageant mom who loves spending time with her daughter doing pageants.  She also loves directing.  Her pageant experience includes the Ray City Autumn Rose Pageant held in October in Ray City, Ga where she is the director and the Enigma Firecracker Pageant held in July in Enigma, Ga where she is the co-director.  This year she has been approved as a local Forestry Director and she will direct Atkinson and Thomas County Forestry Pageants.  Jennifer believes that a pageant should be fun for the contestant and organized for the parents.  She is a fair and honest person and carries these traits into her responsibility as a director.  Jennifer is a Christian lady with strong convictions and high moral values and she treats everyone the same...with respect and love.  If you would like to contact Mrs. Suggs, her telephone number is 229-455-6486 and her e-mail address is

Tina Smith

Tina Smith was born in Waycross, GA on September 12, 1978. She graduated from East Central Technical Institute with a certificate in Office Support Specialist. She is married to Danny Smith from Pearson, GA. They have 1 child, Brayden M. Smith, who is 2 years old. Tina is an insurance agent employed with Tanner Insurance Agency in Pearson. Danny is an accountant employeed with Clements, Purvis & Stewart, CPA. Tina has been involved in pageants most of her life. Tina is a proud pageant aunt who loves spending time and doing pageants with her neice, Brooke. Tina is the director of the Miss Southeast Angel's Christmas Pageant in November, co-director of Miss Willacoochee Old Fashion Day Pageant in April and Miss Pine & Ag Festival Pageant. Tina is trailing in the footsteps of her mother, Shirley McGovern. Shirley has directed pageants for 13 years. Tina believes that all pageants should be enjoyable and fun for the contestants and the parents. She can be reached at 912-422-7077 at home or at work at 912-422-3272 and her e-mail address is

Atkinson County Forestry Pageant